#softboardheroes was SPECIAL.

An event organized by Tiago Pires and Salvador Stilwell together with Prio Energy

This was the first ever softboard contest in Portugal, and its success is due to several factors:

  • Solidarity

Throughout the day, the guest surfers aimed to distribute as much as they could amongst the 4 charities involved in the event, ACREDITAR, CRESCER, NÓS and RENASCER, the total amount available to donate was 10.000€.

In the end the winning team was CRESCER, consisting by the surfers Francisco Alves, Carolina Mendes, Afonso Antunes and Frankie Chavez, followed by the NÓS team, represented by Miguel Blanco, Mafalda Lopes, Martim Paulino and Pedro Guedes, RENASCER took third place, constituted by João Kopke, Camila Kemp, Martin Fortes and Pedro Sousa and finally the ACREDITAR team, represented by Vasco Ribeiro, Mariana Assis, Santiago Graça and Tiago Teotónio Pereira.

  • Perfect Conditions and Good Vibes

Or at least perfect conditions for fun. After weeks of windy weather, flat days, fog and poor-quality sandbanks, conditions couldn't have been better for the #softboardheroes by Prio. Despite the date having been set months in advance, the day could not have been better chosen, with good weather, glassy waves and a fun sandbank right in front of the place planned for the contest, allowing all the action to be concentrated on that piece of beach and the waves never disappointed.

  • Quality Surf

Quality surf is not enough, we saw great quality surf in practically all heats.

With a phenomenal softboards quiver that included Mick Fanning models, DHD TWIN and Little Marley, most surfers were able to take advantage of the versatility of these magical boards.

An event that everyone is already looking forward for the next edition. 

The brands involved in addition to Atlantic West were Prio Energy, Noah Surf House, Go Chill by Delta, Corona Extra and OESTE Portugal.